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A Multimedia Arts Student, aspiring actress, & blogger. I am a big dreamer and always dreams big when it comes to doing what I love. I have been singing in choir when she was 7 years old and dreaming to be in Broadway someday. I had an experience on performing in musicals from our church choir and I fell in love with theater, when we started to have workshops at our church and a role was given to me, but my speech wasn't good and that gave me a time to train and improve as an effective performer. Now I am still in choir, still serving the Lord and growing spiritually with my life group friends.

As of now I am still in college and going towards the journey of being in Broadway someday while I am a photographer. In this blog you can about my journey of being a follower of Christ and walking with Him in faith!


Time With Relatives

How often do you have time with your relatives?

Your relatives are the second closes family from your parents, but the only time that you spend time together, when your parents are in a good terms with them. My relatives got to know me when I was 2 years old, because my parents are not in a good terms with them. I got to know them when I spend my summer days at their house, since some of my relatives always live together, I never even got to be close with my grandfather since he passed away when I was 5 years old. I became close to my relatives knowing everything about them and my parents. When it some to things about your parents sometimes you end up not knowing who is telling truth, when you're looking for answers that you want to know from the past. As I grow older, I realize, I spent lesser time with them when you have other priorities to do, but they always remember me by when I am not with them, because I spent most of my vacation time with them and not to be distracted. When I visit them they always give me advice on doing things and being an adult. They will always tell me that "think a thousand times, before you do things." My relatives always supports me and guide me, because not only they made promise for my dad, but they love me until the end of their life.

Spending the time with people that you love to do

How much love do you love on what you do ? I grow up singing in the church, nobody force me to join the choir, I voluntary did. When other parents force their kids to join to avoid playing gadgets. I started singing when I was in my preschool years, but I joined the children's choir when I was seven. I grow up with knowing about music and knowing the word of God. As time passes by I got baptized and I joined the choirs that are all adults and I have been happy with them, since some of them are just starting to learn how to sing but they love and enjoy what they are doing and sometimes it just became a routine for me, because there are times, I forgot the purpose of doing the ministry it is to serve God and to worship Him. And these people around me, seeing them reminded me the purpose of serving in this ministry until the end of their life.

It says in this hymn from "O for a thousand tongues to Sing" by Charles Wesley "O for a thousand tongues to sing my great Redeemer's praise, the glories of my God and King, the triumphs of his grace!" It means that if I have a thousand tongues, I would praise and glorify the Lord! Doing this ministry there are times meeting new people and being in your life makes a big difference when you serve each other, take care of each other in spiritual and physical health.